(updated 04/03/2018)

how we do church...

The Focus Service ministry model is of church services designed exclusively for people with learning disabilities and are based around principles of cognitive (i.e. thinking and comprehension) developmental theory. They have also proved helpful for people with general comprehension difficulties.

Focus Services are church services with a difference; as a lot of traditional and common elements, for example the sermon monologue, are dropped in favour of alternative approaches to teaching and learning.

* simple concrete concepts  used exclusively   

* use of action and movement in the services

* use of visual aids

* interactive teaching approach, with much use of drama and role play

* opportunities to do Makaton hand signing and dance

* visual  and interactive Bible presentation

* no monologue sermons  

* no written material is used, i.e. no Bible or service books   

* no reading needed in any part of the service

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